You’re selling to goldfish!

Did you know that the average time spent on any website is just 15 seconds?

And that it takes under 0.5 seconds to form a first impression of a business?

It’s official.

Goldfish have longer attention spans than humans now!

So it’s not hard to imagine how important it is to grab attention fast when users land on your site.

And it’s even more important to keep it.

But not just any attention – you want qualified users, the ones who might want your product.

So, there are three things your site must do in just a few seconds:

1. Visually appeal – This means looking clear, professional, impactful, worthy of attention. 

2. Communicate your CVP – This means conveying the essence of your offer and why the user should buy it, what’s in it for them. In a few words, naturally.

3. Provide a clear next step – Once they land on your home page or landing page, make it clear what you want them to do next – and make it easy.

Breaking that 15-second barrier will be hard. But if you become a ‘sticky site’ that retains users for minutes, then you’re bound for success!

What sites do you find yourself staying on for a long time?

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