💀 Your Marketing Strategy Is Really Just Tactics 💀

Nowadays, we have a major problem with the S-word.

The word “strategy” is so overused that it’s become almost completely meaningless.

Too often, marketers irresponsibly use “strategy” when they really mean “tactics.”

They’ll tell you:
➡️ how often to post
➡️ what time to post
➡️ to post consistently
➡️ have the same brand colours
➡️ use 3-11 hashtags

This isn’t strategy. This is newbie stuff. Simple tactical execution.

You can find all that info within one Google search.


Without a yardstick to measure outcomes, businesses run into two problems:
1️⃣ they waste time, money, and energy on the wrong things
2️⃣ they hire someone with knowledge—not strategic expertise

Real strategy can’t be ‘executed’.

It’s a north star—not a task.

Real strategy sets you up to
✅ achieve your goals
✅ lead with a vision—not a plan
✅ bring your staff and customers along with you
✅ succeed WITHOUT stifling creativity

Because when you set a goal to get 30 qualified leads per month…

There’s 30,000 ways to get there.

Do you have a tactical plan or a marketing strategy?

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