Why Your Story Is Your Brand Footprint

‘What’s the story we are telling?’-  A question that marketers constantly ask. Storytelling is a beloved past time that is not only used to document history, build societies and unite communities, storytelling is critical marketing strategy for brand success. Creating a narrative for your brand is a powerful content marketing strategy that allows you to attract and build emotional connections with your audience. It entertains and engages customers.

In fact, 92% of customers say they want ads that feel like a story.

But why is storytelling so popular?

Effective storytelling fosters consumer engagement at an emotional level, which happens to be the key to long-term business success. This powerful approach triggers feelings, thoughts and actions, compelling customers to make decisions in favour of your brand.

Through ‘The Pepsi Challenge’ we learnt that when brands are known, Coca-Cola customers are increased by 25%. This is because Coca-Cola has shared their story and brought their brand to life. Customers are provided with ultimate brand experience and emotional ties are built.


Download our Infographic ‘Why Your Story Is Your Brand Footprint’

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