What is Sales Automation and How Can it Benefit Your Manufacturing Business?

Automation has driven the progress of the manufacturing industry for decades. As technology develops, front and back end processes are constantly evolving to become faster, more efficient and cost-effective. With the development of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, automation is becoming more and more common in other areas of manufacturing like sales and marketing.

Manufacturing businesses often rely on sales teams to reach new prospects and nurture leads. But maximising sales effectiveness increasingly requires a more targeted approach.

Sales automation software can boost your sales efficiency, accelerate your sales process and help you hone in on the best quality leads with laser-like precision. The results can be astounding.

So what does sales automation software actually do?

Sales automation tools handle many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks your sales staff have to do, or should do, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can use these tools to:

  • Capture data from your website so you can track what products your prospects are looking at and how often
  • Score them to see when they appear ready to buy and automatically notify sales.
  • Nurture prospects regularly via automated emails so you stay top of mind when they’re ready to act.
  • Segment customers by behaviour and interests so your sales staff can target them with personalised information.
  • Keep in touch with existing customers and remind them when maintenance or replacement parts are due.

Automating these all-important sales tasks leaves your sales reps free to spend their time building long term relationships with your most valuable prospects and ultimately, closing more deals.

How do you know if you’re automation-ready?

Understandably, many businesses are unsure of what’s involved or what impact the technology could have on their operation. To help you decide and minimise your risk, we provide a free initial consultation to help assess your automation readiness and build your business case. Please click here and we will call you to arrange your free assessment.

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