Customer Experience – Blending imagination with reality

Unique Customer Experience – Blending imagination with reality

Any business can adopt creative marketing ideas, however intense competition in many industries means that businesses must take their creative approach to the next level to maximise visibility and attract consumer attention. Achieving a creative approach that is powerful and effective is something our team achieves for clients as seen in our many successful case studies.

Our Creative Goal

We aim to provide brands with digital engagement using creativity  to create unique experiences. It’s important that the creative direction supports the business goals and objectives and becomes a tangible asset for the business, as well as a point of distinction for the consumers.

Our role is to convey creative features with strong brand representation which connect with the audience and influence the buyer journey.

Achieving Creative Success

Our Design Approach

At a high level, we believe great brand experiences blend imagination with reality.

The creative process: How do we find our ideas?

As a creative agency, we approach every digital project with an integrated creative process encompassing 3 key factors:

  • Marketing fundamentals and metrics to measure effectiveness
  • Knowledge of the digital landscape and the technologies to consider
  • The creative process itself including the breaking of traditional thought patterns


The power of successful creativity lies in its authenticity which is achieved through brand integration. Our creative elements make a unique statement that captures the core values associated with the brand. Brands with successful creativity use creative features that only fit their specific brand so it will not be confused with competitors.

Engagement is the key aspect of creative success. You need to captivate your audience and the way to do this is through artistic and exciting dynamics. It is important to go beyond conveying the basic facts by integrating brand personality. This provides your audience with a creative experience, which is an asset to the brand.


The creative methodology: How do we bring our ideas to life?

Our methodology is based on 7 critical steps that allow us to partner with our clients at each step in the process.

Permission will project manage each step to completion and will ensure the involvement of the client at each critical phase:

  • Development of the selected creative idea
  • Alignment with key stakeholder expectations and business objectives through two rounds of amends
  • Approval of the final concept


We have successfully applied our creative strategy to many of our works. One example of this is our creative design, content and social engagement for Musica Viva. We were challenged to make the chamber music company appeal to a new, younger and wider audience, with stronger, smarter messaging to increase sales.

Using our creative approach, we identified brand activities and broader creative ideas, including a website audit, new website design proposal, revised email newsletter design, social media calendar and a review of online booking ticketing system, aligned with the strategic direction.

Our design recommendations immediately halved the site bounce rate.

For more insight into our creative works please see our Musica Viva case study, Adventure World case study or Contact Us.

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