Transform Your Marketing From Manual To Modern

Transform Your Marketing From Manual To Modern

It’s the system you’ve heard many marketers attribute to their success. Marketing Automation is your next step towards a strategic marketing approach that will generate sales-ready leads and loyal customers. 

But what is it exactly…?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms that streamline, automate and measure your marketing activity. Marketing automation makes your tedious marketing system fluent. Segmentation, data integration, campaign management, personalisation and cross-channel marketing all operate from one software, making the impossible, possible for your business and leaving you with more time to allocate to your greater goals.

Lead generation and management

Companies that use marketing automation see a 107% better lead conversion and a 40% greater average deal size (Aberdeen Group). Automation platforms ensure that lead capturing and communication operates within the same place. Automation mechanisms are used to capture contact information through forms, landing pages, webinars and online events which are hosted in the automation platform, making it easy to follow up with relevant communication.

Campaign optimisation

Setting up a campaign that would normally take weeks can now be implemented in hours or days. This includes personalisation and tests such as A/B testing that will optimise email effectiveness. You also have the capability to integrate social media, streamline your SEO tasks and create effective landing pages. Once the campaign is set up you can simply schedule-it and observe the results as data is automatically tracked and reported for your convenience and further analysis.

Sales enablement

A well-integrated system provides the infrastructure for alignment within the sales and marketing teams. Marketing automation gets sales involved at the right time, which shortens the sales cycle and generates sales-qualified leads. The cooperation between both teams results in nurturing, scoring, and handoff processes tuned to sales requirements.  The collaboration and easy access to data arms sales reps with the right information to effectively frame their communications at the right time, so wasted calls are eliminated.

Resource optimisation

Most marketing automation platforms integrate popular tools such as AdWords, CRM, social and blogging platforms, saving you time and effort. You also have access to easy campaign implementation without having to rely on IT resources or wasting time on tasks that are traditionally manually operated. This convenience and ease of marketing automation improves operational efficiencies, saving time and unnecessary costs from outsourcing, resources and equipment, thus increasing your profitability.

Data and analytics

Marketing automation delivers real-time results across channels and campaigns, enabling marketers to quickly gauge campaign performance and optimize efforts. Alternatively you can access full-spectrum insights with on-demand, drillable views that provide deeper insights and allow you to gain a better understanding of customers. The analytics will allow you to determine what strategies are attracting customers, as well as strategies which are unsuccessful, so you can continually optimise your business.


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