The Power of Social Selling

We cannot deny the fact that social media networks are taking over and are significantly influencing the sales process. In fact, 55% of all buyers do their research using social networks, while 70% of B2B buyers use social media to help with their purchase decisions(i).

Social media platforms have provided an array of information, where word-of-mouth marketing is commonly used and opinions are shared 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, between buyers around the world.

However, sharing information on social media is not only limited to interaction between customers. Successful marketers have innovatively taken advantage of this concept and are looking to capitalise on this change.

This – otherwise known as ‘social selling’.

Businesses are now innovating with ‘customer-centricity’ and optimising this with the power social selling. In B2B marketing, meaningful relationships with potential investors and clients are likely to begin with a LinkedIn connection.

“We’re seeing a critical mass of buyers. LinkedIn has over 313 million members and here in Australia we have over 6 million members. That’s north of 80% of Australian professionals.” – Mike Derezin (LinkedIn, Sales Solutions VP)

Consequently, the days of desks covered in business cards are long gone as LinkedIn has become the main source of information for B2B marketers. As a B2B marketer, in today’s competitive environment, you need to build a reputable LinkedIn presence for your business and individual profile to succeed. These profiles will leverage your ability to build trust with your potential buyer and position yourself as an industry expert.

As discussed in ‘The Trust Economy’, customers are influenced by their emotional needs when making buying decisions. This is why the value, familiarity and sense of attachment created over LinkedIn will provide you with new revenue opportunities that result in much more than a one time buyer.


Want to optimise the power of social selling for your business?

Stay with us as we show you how to optimise your LinkedIn presence on your personal and company page.

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