The Future of Innovation

“Innovation. We need to innovate. We are innovating. It’s all about innovation…” Yawn.

The word “innovate” is so ubiquitous in marketing and all who reside in it, that it’s in danger of becoming redundant. Another buzzword to throw on the heap of trendy.

Too many businesses are focused on innovation for innovation’s sake – but today’s innovators are actually the businesses with no tangible product at all but possess a strong sense of customer-centricity. You may not be able to touch it, feel it, see it – but customers know it’s there, at every step of their journey from beginning to end. An invisible comforter.

The term ‘customer-centricity’ was coined when organizations began adopting customer relationship management. CRM software vendors started banding it about and many companies who are actually the polar opposite of the term adopted it, shouting about how customer-centric they were.

But today the whole user experience has turned on its head; meaning organisations – and not just failing ones – really do need to start upping their game.

Customer-centricity is about giving back control and delivering value beyond cost savings; the customer knows what they want, why they want it, when, how to get it, for how long for and what the cost is.

And the big draw cards are simplification and transparency. Remove all suspicion and confusion. Make it a speedy and easy process. Who has time to read the fine print anyway?

And that goes for everything – the product, its app, website, marketing campaign, direct interactions with the business and, God forbid, the experience if they have to phone a call-centre. And of course, feedback. Freely available reviews that can be found and shared on social media – and that goes for all reports, not just the glowing but also the good, the bad and ugly. Warts and all.

Don’t get left behind as businesses adopt and grow a customer-centric culture. Stay with us in the coming weeks as we will inform you on how to optimise your social media presence to increase your value and boost your success.


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