Talking To The People Who Count

Talking To The People Who Count

Ironically, with all the cross channel excitement of being able to reach highly targeted consumer segments or potential business partners, marketers risk losing touch with the very people with whom they want to engage. It’s an interesting proposition to suggest that the limitations of customisation may point to the glorification of storytelling for its own sake.

A campaign may be well targeted but if delivered with confused messaging, those social shares may not be forthcoming. This raises the question about the importance of having the right creative partners in place to create marketing campaigns that not only utilise the most appropriate channels, but are able to translate effortlessly across those chosen.

Permission’s work with Huggies shows how a brand can cultivate genuine brand engagement through targeted lifecycle communications, without falling into these traps. In what is a highly emotive category, Huggies needed to find a way of connecting with consumers in a customised, relevant, and timely manner to foster brand loyalty. We approached this problem by creating a digital relationship with its rich data mining capabilities, ease of implementation and cost-effectiveness.

The strategy created two online membership clubs targeted at mothers to be and current parents. A series of over 20 life-cycle specific communications were created and distributed via a custom-built automated messaging system timed at appropriate points in their life cycles. A strategy that is engaging, is yes, but with genuine smarts around both the medium and the message at its core.

As ever, the speed of change within digital marketing (which is really all marketing is to a certain extent), is creating huge new possibilities alongside new challenges. Whilst social media was still the young and edgy channel to consider, many marketers were so blinkered on proving reach through likes and interactions to actually sit down and consider who their new friends actually were.

At the same time the personalisation possible through sophisticated digital pipes means we have more data than ever before about our existing and prospective customers. So much information is available to us in fact that we risk drowning in zeroes and ones, leading to a place where nobody wins.

The answer, of course, is a smart balancing act of reaching the right people at the right time, in the right place with the right message. Sound familiar? Well it should do because it is of course the basic premise of successful marketing.

The moral of all this is to keep a level and considered head, and not jump on the newest flashiest bandwagon at the detriment to your, or your clients’ ultimate objectives.


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