Supercharge engagement with your eDMs

How to supercharge engagement with your eDMs

So your lead gen campaign yielded lots of email address – congratulations! Now keeping them engaged with your brand and products across each stage of the buyer journey becomes the next goal to achieve. While it may seem like a difficult task, it is doable with the right approach. With a few well tried and tested techniques you’ll watch engagement soar – along with sales.


Let’s start at the beginning. The first point of contact that the recipient has with your email is the subject line. And it’s all powerful: 33% of readers decide whether to open an email on the subject line alone*. To grab their attention, ensure that your subject line is short and punchy, as this not only gets your message get across more effectively but 40% of emails are opened on a mobile phone so the reader can only see about 50 characters*. Create a sense of urgency as well, as it further entices the reader to open the email.


No one opens emails from people they don’t know, so ensure your sender name and from address are familiar. Never use a address to send an email as it’s impersonal and does not give the option to send a reply. B2C readers tend to react positively to company name, while B2B readers tend to react positively to a mixture of company name and a person, such as the CEO’s name.


Always use personalisation and if possible dynamic content. Emails containing personalisation, such as Dear Tom receive a 14% increase in click through rates and 10% increase in conversion rates**. Dynamic content also increases reader engagement as content is tailored to the reader’s specific needs and interests. 74% of readers get frustrated when communication do not contain what they are interested in**.  Relevance is king – and that means segmenting your lists!


Keep in mind the timing of your emails. Give people enough time to respond. For example, if you have a sale on a Tuesday, don’t send the email on Tuesday morning. A good idea is to conduct A/B testing on timing and day, which will help ensure that you reach as many readers as effectively as possible. You can A/B test pretty much anything, from your subject lines, sender names and call to action. Check out our article on how to A/B test.


Captivating copy within the email is very important to not only increase engagement, but will ensure that your message is communicated to the reader. People won’t waste their time reading something lengthy and boring.  Although engaging copy will help, it is not enough, however pairing it with interesting images will increase views by 94%***.


Having a mobile friendly or responsive email template is more important now than ever, as 36% of online sales are done through mobile phones and tablets****. However, only 39% of organisations are using a mobile responsive template****. These companies are majorly missing out, as when people have a bumpy experience they don’t tend to come back for more.


Have obvious call to actions (CTA). Linked text is proven to perform negatively in comparison to a call to action button. Ensure that the size of the button is larger than the surrounding text and is also surrounded by whitespace, so that people can easily see it and not get distracted Also, use contrasting colours for the button, for example Netflix has a red Play button with a beige and black background which makes it super simple to identify and click the CTA.


Follow our best practice tips to see your email engagement skyrocket. Don’t forget – when taking measures to increase engagement, never lose sight of your ultimate goal, for example conversions, as it is easy to be caught up in perfecting processes. Want someone to talk you through it? Contact us on for a personable chat – call now




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