Study reveals Millennials demand in-store tech and Gen Z won’t shop in your store unless you have WIFI

Study reveals Millennials demand in-store tech and Gen Z won’t shop in your store unless you have WIFI

Don’t underestimate the power of Generation Z on customer spending and the difference this could make to your business. Not only have they been born with a smartphone in hand, but a new 2017 study by HCR Retail Advisory reveals that Gen Z (aged 10-17) actually prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores… if they have wi-fi. 90% of this tech savvy group say a strong wi-fi signal is important to them in their shopping experience.

Millennials on the other hand (aged 18-41) are going to need a little more than a wi-fi signal to get their butts into your store as they prefer to shop online. There is a chance that attracting Gen Z’s into your store will influence their millennial family members to join them, but if you want to meet customer demand and exceed competitors, there is more to be done. The study reveals the in-store and social tech that these groups expect from you in delivering a transformative, tech driven shopping experience.


Magic Mirrors to Enhance In-Store Experiences

Ever tried clothes on in a change room and taken a classic mirror selfie to send to a well trusted fashionista friend or family member who will either make or break your decision to purchase the item? If yes, you’re not alone and if no, chances are you’re not a millennial.

This common trend among millennials and Gen Z’ers has sparked the demand for magic mirrors in change rooms. They are essentially wi-fi enabled digital touch screens. Whether it’s facetiming your friend for fashion advice, sending images through social media or adjusting the lighting to see what the clothing piece would look like under different conditions, they keep you connected, which is what these target groups are all about.

66% of Millennials aged 18 to 34 said they would be at least somewhat likely to use the technology, while Gen Z and young Millennials would embrace emerging technologies, particularly if they enhanced a connection with their social network or streamlined the shopping experience.

Rebecca Minkoff’s interactive U.S. store features the magic mirror, but the shopping experience doesn’t end there. Customers can also order a complimentary beverage when they first walk in and receive a text message when their drink is ready.


Social Networks Drive Purchase Decisions

With 60% of the Gen Z and Millennials on Facebook daily, more than 50% use social media to make decisions while shopping.

While social networks don’t drive a high number of sales directly – as it’s not about a simple click to buy transaction – they have a large influence over the products purchased, which can be leveraged to drive customers in store.

Leveraging social media as a key part of the buyer journey can be done through retargeting, influencer marketing, paid media, Facebook store locations… the list goes on. The approach you take depends on your audience and how they use social tools to choose the products they buy. For example, 54% of Gen Z’ers beauty purchases are driven by friends and YouTube influencers.


Implementing the best tech for your customer shopping experience starts by analysing and understanding your target audience to know what is important to them. Want to learn more? For a casual and informative chat on how we take a customer strategy-led approach, contact us on 1800 737 266 or



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