SOL Republic

SOL Republic

A state of the art website, bringing digital engagement to the living, breathing and cultural identity that is, SOL Republic.

Our recent client, SOL Republic, is a San Francisco based company that delivers an authentic quality of music through their audio products. SOL Republic’s strong brand philosophy fosters the power of music, where a good song can help you be happier, run faster, think clearer and love better. Their unique brand territory brings opportunity to push boundaries, impacting the market through digital individuality and independence.

The global brand was in need of an Australian website which would capture the interest of the Australian market while staying ‘on-brand’. Permission has created a seamless website with optimum usability, engaging content and of course, brand consistency.

It’s all about the brand

“We believe that for every great moment there is a song that goes with it. We believe that this is the soundtrack to your life.” – SOL Republic

It was crucial that SOL Republic’s strong philosophy and distinct branding was showcased through the website. Permission embraced the aesthetic of SOL Republic, integrating a raw edge into each aspect of the website design. It was our priority to help SOL Republic elevate their brand to take a step into the Australian market, while staying true to their San Francisco roots. The website’s unique custom design demonstrates confidence to emotionally engage users and provide a positive experience.

Content Optimisation

We all agree content is king. Insight driven, high quality content will engage customers, communicate a strong brand message and establish a trusting brand-consumer relationship.

It was important to identify the right content formula to appeal to SOL Republic’s target audience. They are a social bunch and the SOL Republic website was the perfect platform to promote their social media presence. We researched a number of social media plug-ins to find the solution that would best increase social media visibility on the homepage. Consistently providing a call to action and directing traffic along the customer journey, encouraging prospects to view SOL Republic’s quality content to increase their visibility and brand awareness. This approach encourages interaction with an audience that is digitally native.

SOL Republic needed their website to bring their subversive image to life. This image is how the brand stimulates purchase consideration in the Australian market. To deliver this brand vision, we introduced a visually appealing, interactive blog. The blog highlights SOL Republic’s media driven approach and excites and engages customers. A platform providing trending content fosters brand development at a deeper level. This allows customers to engage with the brand experience and builds emotional connections to foster purchase behaviour.

Content optimisation not only converts visitors, it increases website traffic with SEO. Given 88% of consumers research before they buy (i), SEO was a key factor for SOL Republic. To support the business’ management of the website and ensure SOL Republic’s relevant content is visible, we built the website with automated SEO capabilities.

With a website so strong in content, SOL Republic needed a system which allows easy edits, updates and future maintenance. We have implemented a user friendly CMS to provide SOL Republic with the opportunity to simply update their website in the future to obtain maximum ROI.

Providing a Seamless Experience

SOL Republic required a website that provides customers with a valuable experience that will keep them coming back. The website features a simplified user experience to convert visitors. To create a seamless purchase journey we have implemented a three-step payment process using a global best in class ecommerce platform. Purchases can conveniently be made without confusion, which will leave customers satisfied with a positive view of the brand.

With 80% of internet users browsing the web on their Smartphone(ii), it goes unsaid that having a mobile responsive website was critical for SOL Republic. The mobile responsive website allows for an optimal user experience, where customers can engage with the content on their phone or tablet as they would on a computer. By providing reliability we leverage the buyer journey and increase customer loyalty.

Let’s Build a Community

The fact that SOL Republic is more than just a brand needed to be expressed in their website. Customers need to be engaged with the brand image and all it has to offer. The website is not only designed for effective ecommerce. SOL Republic’s digital presence has been developed at a much deeper level where their social relevance and value of community spirit has been made apparent. This is where we introduce the sharing of stories online. #MMMDI ‘Music Made Me Do It’ is a hash tag created to encourage the sharing of moments that leave us powerless when the force of music takes over. This element of the SOL Republic website supports customers in becoming a part of something bigger than just a purchase.


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