Social Selling – The Strategic Approach

The shift in buyer behaviour has pressured B2B sellers to change their tactics to avoid being left behind by competitors. It is proven that 62% of salespeople who do not use inbound social selling miss their quotas (The Arberdeen Group).

But before you go jumping on the bandwagon with full force to take advantage of the power of social selling, it would be beneficial to understand the strategic approach that will provide you with long-term sales and a greater ROI.

The goal: To connect and build trusting relationships with potential buyers so you become the ‘go to’ expert and achieve repeat sales.

To be a successful social seller you must lead the online conversation and actively involve yourself in the discussion with relevant and insightful content. Your interactions should have other’s needs in the forefront in order to provide quality information and avoid being seen as a ‘hard-sell’ sales representative.

When listening and facilitating the conversation you should keep a close eye out for prospects and review their discussion and profile to understand what they are saying and what they need. When you find a prospect with a mutual connection or interest, you have the perfect opportunity to engage with them.

In your approach, treat each social media follower as an individual and act in accordance with their individual needs and personality. If you seem to have other’s best interest at heart, your relationships with potential clients will be effective and meaningful. For example, you should be responding to all messages and initiating follow up conversations that are unique to your interaction with each prospect.

We all agree that referrals are one of the most effective ways to acquire a new customer. It’s human nature to trust recommendations from friends and colleagues and as a result, that trust is transferred onto the recommended business. This means that half of the relationship building is already done for you! Social media makes referral requests simple and a lot less confronting. Take advantage of social networking to create positive opportunities for referral requests. You may gain referrals without asking, but asking for a referral online will increase your value and your lead value.

And of course, the way to continuously provide value to prospects and customers is through your social content. It’s important to stay topical with relatable posts to boost engagement. Asking questions to encourage discussion, optimising headlines and posting frequently at key times for your target market will increase your relevancy in the industry.


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