5 Top Tips To Boost Your ROI

Smarter Email Marketing – 5 Top Tips To Boost Your ROI

In our previous article on email marketing we learnt how you can stand out in a crowded inbox using our best practices for an email marketing strategy. If you’ve implemented email marketing for your business, don’t stop there. Optimise your email marketing strategy and use it as a secret weapon to boost your ROI.

Our 5 Top Tips will help your email marketing reach its fullest potential while you remain efficient within your resources.

  1. Ask for an email address in exchange for web access

Website access has been named the most effective way to grow your email list for 2015, with content downloads as a close second (i). Capturing this data is the key you need to reach potential customers with a personalised approach.

  1. Use a pop-up

Pop-up’s are proven to make a tremendous increase to your opt in rate. In fact, there are reports of pop-ups lifting opt-in rates by 1000%(ii). If pop-up’s aren’t for you, consider a scroll box which is an overlay positioned on the side of your website that generates a similar result.

  1. Send a welcome series

It’s all about nurturing your leads and building a valued relationship. As discussed in ‘The Trust Economy’, emotional triggering is the key to engagement. Welcome emails receive some of the highest click through rates of any email and increase consumers spend (iii). Be sure to ask your subscriber to add you to their safe sender list to ensure that they receive your emails.

  1. Optimise transactional emails

The click through rate for transactional emails is 42% higher than that of a newsletter (iiii). Turn your “Thank you for your purchase” email into a well branded message with engaging content and a strong call-to-action. Hard sell is not your aim here, but taking advantage of an opportunity for consumer engagement is.

  1. Segment your lists

In our article, “How to Achieve True Personalisation”, we learnt that personalisation is critical in all aspects of marketing, including emails. The way to achieve a personalised approach is through data segmentation. This allows you to deliver engagement through messages that are tailored to the interests of each customer.


Want more information on optimising your email marketing strategy?

See our best practices for an email marketing strategy located on our resources page or contact us.


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