The Act-On Platform

The Act-On Platform

Email Marketing Tools
Act-On’s Email Composer lets you turn creative ideas into responsive, high-quality emails and templates. Use A/B testing to determine which version will perform the best. Pick your lists and segments, and then schedule your sends.

Zero-setup Database
Act-On makes list upload, management, and segmentation easy and flexible. You can create separate lists based on any combination of profile attributes and behaviours.

Act-On - Activity History

Contact Activity History

You can view which website pages they’ve visited, what you’ve mailed them, which forms they’ve filled out, what media they’ve downloaded and more. This allows you to better assess how to reach out to prospects and customers effectively.




CRM Integration

Act-On’s platform integrates with the most popular CRM systems, including Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Your CRM can remain the database of record and Act-On will push the right data to it at the right time for the perfect interaction with prospects.

Automated Campaigns in Act-OnAutomated Campaigns
Create drip campaigns for nurturing and training. Set up trigger emails that launch when your visitor takes a defined action. Tailor subsequent messages that precisely and appropriately match each prospect’s needs based on their previous actions. The options are endless and so are the opportunities for increased sales and efficiencies.



Real Time Reports
Cutting-edge detailed reports provide comprehensive insights on your customer’s journeys and the effects of your marketing on your business in a real time view. This allows us to continually review performance and optimise accordingly.

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