Inbound & Content

Inbound & Content

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. Consumers are hungry, they’re searching for the right content to solve their problems and inform their buying decisions.

We believe in the power of inbound and content marketing in order to attract the right leads and convert them.

Lead nurturing is a proven method for turning prospects into buyers. It’s done by systematically contacting prospects over a set amount of time and providing relevant information that eases them through the buyer’s journey.

Why is lead nurturing so important? Simply put – it means more sales, and fewer lost opportunities. Lead nurturing keeps your brand front-and-centre with potential buyers and lets you build trust over time. Nurturing your leads will Unlock the Power of Permission.

How do we leverage inbound leads and content?

The key to unlocking conversion is relevance. We know that relevance is also the biggest driver of content value and customer engagement. We’ll help you work out who your audiences are and what they want to know about, so you can attract, convert and retain them – as well as get them talking.

We can help you develop effective content marketing strategies that are focused on creating compelling content, optimising it for online channels and devices, and distributing it accordingly.

In addition, we are the leading Australian agency partner for the Act-On Inbound Marketing Platform. We offer a range of lead nurturing services using the platform’s robust toolset, including automated email programs, lead scoring and well-defined segmentation.

How Act-On works?


We use Act-On to create automated journeys that manage a customer’s experience as they progress on the path to purchase. This journey can begin with a visit to your website, a download of a whitepaper, a video view, open of an email and/ or an interaction on social media platforms. The customer’s journey is customised according to the expressions of interest reflected by their engagements and the stage of the sales process they are at.

This lead generation is continued from initial engagement to post sale behaviour.

Act-On allows us to do this through the range of tools they provide, from reputable email campaigns and seamless social media integration, to design work and database tracking.
Act-On is a software-as-a-service marketing automation solution. The platform is purpose-built to give small and medium-sized marketing teams all the value of marketing automation – without the complexity big enterprise systems impose.

Using the Act-On platform, marketers can easily:

  • Manage and optimise all the stages of the customer experience
  • Follow the money by attributing marketing spend to revenue
  • Track each prospect’s activity from initial engagement and conversions to closed sales and repeat sales, and beyond
  • Report on campaigns from high levels to detailed drilldowns


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The results:

Sales Increase

We target and generate quality leads so that they receive the information about your business/products needed to create a conversion. Your interactions with prospects and customers are customised to achieve a higher reach and engagement frequency. This shortens the cycle as leads are converted more quickly.

Business Focus

Act-On ensures the quick co-ordination, scheduling, launching and measuring of marketing activity. Automating manual tasks allows us more time for additional strategy and analysis for our clients.

Competitive Advantage

The Act-On platform provides detailed and usable insights to enable us to determine campaign performance, adjustments and strategically identify next steps. This allows us to manage your marketing so that you can focus on speaking with your customers.

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