Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Our view on digital strategy is to unearth customer-centric insights that can help to foster engaging and sustainable relationships.

To help map out your brand’s future digital presence, we undertake what’s called a Digital BluePrint. This process involves analysing industry data and best practices, as well as thoroughly researching your business and competitors in order to understand who you are, what you do and what makes you different.

We run group workshops and conduct stakeholder and customer interviews in order to build a strong, unified digital strategy that will resonate with consumers and align with business objectives.

After finding a positioning and territory for your brand to play in, our Digital BluePrint brings the digital strategy to life across multiple digital channels and through various stages of the customer lifecycle.

You don’t build a house without an architect’s drawing. We don’t do digital without a BluePrint.

The social uptake of digital media has prompted a revolutionary change in marketing communication. As today’s environment becomes increasingly competitive in the digital landscape, businesses have to find more relevant ways to connect with, convert and retain customers.

Permission is a market leader in digital marketing strategy and activation, and the Digital BluePrint is one of our most powerful tools.

Laying the foundations

The Digital BluePrint is an integrated marketing framework, which provides your business with a core foundation for all digital marketing activity. Every business is different, so the Digital BluePrint is individual and specific to your objectives and market environment.

Through a process of key stakeholder interviews, data profiling and collaborative workshops, we gain the insights we need to define and refine channel strategies and more relevant customer communication.

What you gain is a more unified, engaging and effective digital marketing strategy.

View from the Top

The Digital BluePrint delivers a concise reference for your entire digital marketing implementation. It allows you, your stakeholders and your business to acquire ‘big picture’ vision and a clear direction for every tactic and its deployment.

The Digital BluePrint allows you to focus on and understand problems and solutions with clarity during activation and review of outcomes.

The planning process

We adopt a three-phase planning process to ensure all angles are assessed:

  1. In one-on-one stakeholder interviews, we’ll audit and assess your current business plans, marketing activity, results and learnings to date. This will allow us to create a clear picture of where you’re currently at and unearth direction for the future.

    The stakeholder interviews cover a series of questions relating to these core areas:

    • Business growth opportunities
    • Online and offline engagement
    • Customer segmentation and targeting
    • Ongoing targeted communication
    • Performance benchmarks
    • Generating insights from customer trends
    • Understanding the power of permission marketing
    • Technology limitations and latent value.
  2. Database analysis & profiling, including website behaviour and social media presence.
    We’ll validate personal points of view from the interviews with hard statistical data, unearthing customer trends that may have been previously hidden.
  3. Once we have all agreed to the inputs and direction discovered, we facilitate the final phase – a collaborative, three-hour workshop, focusing on how we will build a new level of digital marketing communication.


The Digital BluePrint is the output of the personalised planning process and serves as a guide for all rollout and activation communication.

It is delivered in digital and hard copy formats, which are easily shared with other stakeholders and activation teams. We present the Digital BluePrint solution as a concise Powerpoint presentation, along with a one-page Executive Summary action plan.

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