SEO = Sales – Permission Webinar Video

Want to capitalise on SEO to convert website visitors into sales?
Research shows that prospects can consumer a dozen or more pieces of content before making a purchase decision. This webinar will teach you how to be effective in a crowded and noisy marketing place.

  • Learn how SEO insights can drive your segmentation and marketing automation
  • Discover the power of personalising the buying journey to improve conversion
  • Understand how marketing automation and lead nurturing can drive leads through your sales funnel
  • See how the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School marketing team are able to automate communications and leverage behavioural data to target prospects who display the highest interest levels and most likely to convert
  • Learn how marketing automation replaces fragmented marketing tools and provides a single platform to manage prospects, priorities leads and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.
  • Capitalise on the top three benefits of marketing automation: increase lead quality, visibility into the buying cycle and increased sales effectiveness


The Speakers



Permission: Rick Merten, Founder and Managing Director
A digital market expert who has developed Digital and Relationship Marketing campaigns for many of Australia’s leading brands. Focused on leveraging digital marketing platforms and customer data to build a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and create insights to drive consumer action and sales.


Act-On:  Kevin Bobowski, Vice President, Demand Generation
Kevin Bobowski is a recognised marketing technology executive with a proven track record of building successful go-to-market strategies and demand generation programs for industry leading companies.


Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School: James Flannagan (BA Hons) Manager, Digital
A specialist in marketing, James has detailed knowledge of both traditional and digital methodologies. Having worked in Marketing Management in a multitude of sectors James has built extensive experience in the development of branding, communications and digital marketing campaign.


In case you missed SEO=Sales, the following videos are live recordings of our webinar:

 Video 1: Full Webinar SEO=Sales 

Video 2:  Act-On – Kevin Bobowski, Vice President, Demand Generation 

Video 3: Permission: Rick Merten, Founder and Managing Director 

Video 4: Blue Mountains International School of Management: James Flannagan (BA Hons) Manager, Digital 

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