Managing your sales teams profiles

Your sales teams profiles are a reflection of you – Managing your sales teams profiles

LinkedIn is one powerful tool for generating leads and closing sales but this savvy social platform only works for sales professionals who have a well-written, active profile that captivates audiences.

Often the only way to ensure sales teams profiles are up to scratch is to take matters into your own hands. Whilst this can seem time consuming, we have 6 top tips that will allow you to achieve this both efficiently and effectively.

Our LinkedIn profile tips could be the difference between standing out from the crowd and engaging and converting prospects or being completely ignored as the stereotypical ‘annoying sales rep’.

1. Get your priorities straight

Don’t let LinkedIn be one of those tedious tasks that is continuously pushed to the bottom of your to do list, as what could have been a simple task will be overblown into something much bigger than it is. Book a time in your sales team’s calendar that is dedicated to updating their LinkedIn profiles and provide best practice guidelines with examples to ensure updates are effective.

2. Put your potential prospects first

A quick description and job title is not enough for an effective sales manager profile. A profile needs to be strategic and give your prospect the information they want to hear so they are more inclined to differentiate you from every other sales reps that contacts them.

 3. It’s all in the LinkedIn title  

Only 40% of LinkedIn sales profiles include “sales” in their job titles(i). It’s important that your sales staff clearly display their role in their LinkedIn profile to ensure your prospect relationships begin on an honest note.

 4. Be credible with consistent content

Consistency is always key, especially on LinkedIn. If you want you and your team to be the “go to” people for expert advice and the latest insights in your industry, it’s important that you and your team are consistently posting thought leadership content. This will ensure your prospects notice you before talking to competitors. While this may seem like a lot of work, marketing automation allows you to create a content plan and schedule LinkedIn updates to the profiles of your entire sales team with the click of a button. Learn more about automated content marketing.

5. Expand your reach with LinkedIn groups

Not only can you use content to engage your sales rep’s LinkedIn connections, you can also target specific industry groups on LinkedIn, thus reaching hundreds or even thousands of prospects. This can also be automated in a matter of seconds, requiring no effort from your sales teams, allowing you to seamlessly manage their profiles.

6. Build a quality reputation 

 A LinkedIn reputation is furthered with recommendations and endorsements. This demonstrates to prospects that you and your team are trusted experts. While colleague recommendations are great, asking for client recommendations is much more credible and relatable to your prospects.

As you manage your sales team’s profiles, you are in fact managing and extending your brand across the digital landscape. For more information on taking the next step in managing your sales team’s profiles, contact us for a helpful discussion or learn the social selling the steps to success.



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