Do you have the right target market?

Do you have the right target market?

What is the first step of your communication strategy? Are you asking yourself ‘who should I be talking to?’

Defining a target audience might feel constraining to you, but trying to appeal to everyone will leave you engaging with no one. Directing your marketing efforts to a target market is the approach you need in order to use your resources effectively and achieve the highest ROI. Identification and knowledge of your target market will give you clear direction in your strategic approach. This is necessary to guide leads though their decision journey with funnel communications, deeply engage prospects and attract your most sales-ready leads.  Successful marketers talk to the people who count, not count the people they talk to.

But how do you know if you’re targeting the right people?

Knowing your brand is the first and most critical step in defining your target market. You should define your unique selling proposition (USP) and the problems that you solve with your product or service. Then you can define who experiences these problems and would benefit most from your business, and therefore would need or desire the product or service you offer. Remember that it is all about the customer; don’t think about who you want your customer to be, think about who is looking for the products and services you offer.

Define your target buyer personas by putting yourself in their shoes. Create an in depth description using marketing segmentation, particularly demographic, behavioural and psychographic information. Demographic insights will confirm your target age, gender and income while psychographic information will go beyond the “external” and allow you to delve into your prospect’s interests, values, attitudes, behaviours and lifestyle.

Creating personas will clearly identify the types of customers you should be targeting. Remember that successful marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach so different profiles are needed to show your buyer’s various needs and goals. This will help you talk to each of your target segments and drive them through the funnel. Here is an example:

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When you are confident in knowing your target audience, you must ensure you have the right digital strategy to reach the right people. Again, putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes will help you find where they hang out online. Whether it be constantly checking their email or scrolling through their latest Instagram feed, the keywords they search or websites they visit; you will recognise if you have the right strategy in place to talk to your target market. For more on digital strategy, see our digital strategy service.

Finally, targeting the right people will give you the results you desire, but actively monitoring your market is also essential. The fast paced, digital world we live in requires us to keep up with current market and industry trends to stay ahead of your competition.


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