Revive Your LinkedIn – Before It’s Too Late

How to Revive Your LinkedIn – Before It’s Too Late


LinkedIn have completely revamped their site, and as we enter 2017, it’s important that you review your own profile or company page to take advantage of its continued power as a business building tool. While LinkedIn make constant updates to their site, after Microsoft bought them last year, permanent changes were promised that will affect everyone. These changes have started to take effect late last year and some are currently underway.


Now you’re probably thinking what’s the point? Should I continue using my LinkedIn? LinkedIn clocks in over 8 million users in Australia alone, which is crazy as in 2010 they only had 1 million*. 40% of users check their LinkedIn daily, which means a vast amount of your prospects are on LinkedIn. Now how about this for a reason – 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook, 83% don’t use Pinterest and 59% don’t use Twitter**. So how will you reach them? LinkedIn is the answer.


The desktop version of LinkedIn will be cleaner and streamlined, so users can easily navigate the site.  LinkedIn users have expressed concerns about the difficulty in finding areas on the website such as support, which is exactly what this new change aims to remedy.


You may have noticed a completely different look on some company pages. LinkedIn are slowly but surely rolling this out across all company pages, so if this has not taken effect on your page it’s not too far off. LinkedIn have done this to distinguish company pages from personal profiles. The updated format is crisper and clearer, with the organisation’s updates and connections in the middle of the page, instead of to the side. If you haven’t already created a LinkedIn company page, do so as it is a great opportunity to tell your business story, showcase your products and services and amplify your reach. If you don’t create one, you are missing out on a chunk of your prospects.


With the many changes taking place, it is a good idea to save your current profile as a PDF or csv. You should also export your contacts by clicking the “My Network” link at the top of any page and then select “Connections.” Click the gear icon, and then choose “Export LinkedIn Connections” on the right-hand side of the screen. This will save your connections in case any major site changes affect your data.



Preparing for the above changes is not enough if you want your LinkedIn page to act as a beacon for clients and prospects. To engage them and gain their trust, follow our holy grail tips to improve your LinkedIn account today.

  • Fix your profile picture. This little square is the first thing people see on your LinkedIn account, so make it a good one! You don’t want them to be unable to see your face, like those people that take candid mountain top shots, you need to just look like you. Consider something that shows a little personality and makes you look professional yet approachable.
  • In your background or about us section, don’t be afraid to include all relevant and valuable info. Many company and personal pages lack substance about who the person actually is and their value proposition. If you are updating a company page, use first person plural such as we, to sound more personable. If you are updating a personal LinkedIn use first person I. LinkedIn don’t call it a “connection” request for nothing. People are asking to connect and want to know who you really are, so show them.
  • ‘Summary’ and ‘experience’ sections should wow by showing your contributions to the current and previous organisations you worked for. These sections can be lengthy so use sub-headings and paragraphs to make it easy on anyone reading it.
  • For a personal LinkedIn, your references and testimonials should impress and be the reason prospects or employers contact you. If you don’t have recommendations, people may not trust your word, so include them where possible.
  • Join groups that your prospects hang out in. Contributing and engaging in these groups will increase your credibility and visibility, and will attract your target market.


It’s a new year and you don’t want to be stuck in the past. To grow and advance, embrace these changes and embark on a new journey to better promote yourself or your organisation. If you are having any difficulties with your LinkedIn journey, don’t hesitate to contact us through email or call us on 1800 737 266 for a casual chat or a LinkedIn audit.





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