Retail’s new best buddies: Marketing and IT

Retail’s new best buddies: Marketing and IT

Marketing and IT have no choice but to work together, especially in the retail industry. However, there’s an issue; 78% of IT people think they work collaboratively with marketing, but only 58% of marketers agree that’s the case.* As our digital experience continues to grow, IT is becoming the backbone of marketing, so these two industries need to work together for marketing to be effective. Marketers need the next big thing and they needed it yesterday.

Marketers talk about the customer journey, but what you may not see is the depth of strategy and technology that goes into creating it. The customer journey is not just a fancy flow diagram of steps you want your customer to take and an enticing message to drive them through. While creative messaging is important, it also needs to be relevant to the customer at every touchpoint and data is essential for this information. Without the right data, you’ll be taking a stab in the dark, for example, sending a mass marketing message to everyone, which may be the most preventable blunder you can make in 2017. We can’t avoid the fact that the customer journey will not flow seamlessly without smart technology to support it.

Technology is now a cornerstone for the marketing department as marketers are being pressed to understand their customers like never before to avoid being left behind by competitors. Marketers must gain insight into their customer’s behaviours on almost an individual basis to deliver the right communications that will nurture the relationship to point of sale and beyond.

This may sound complex and it definitely can be. The stack of technologies needed to capture, integrate and organise the right data in each step of your customer’s journey can add up, and if you’re not careful, you’ll have 30 technologies in place to drive someone to the checkout.

A marketing technology stack from Scott Brinker’s Stackies Awards.

The complexity of working with so many platforms is not the only pitfall, it can also hurt your budget. However, there is a solution to help you avoid the need for multiple technologies but achieve an even greater technology support. This can be done with the right Marketing Automation platform.

Effective marketing automation gives you the tools, insights, data and delivery you need to get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time, create meaningful relationships with your customers, and measure your marketing success in one platform.


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