Optimise Your Data Collection and ROI Reporting

Optimise Your Data Collection and ROI Reporting

Having issues measuring results from your marketing efforts? You’re not alone, this is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face. But at last, there is a solution.  Marketing Automation is your golden ticket to accessing all of your data and report metrics in one place.

Data collection, ROI and revenue reporting has never been simpler. Every marketing automation platform comes with a trove for your data and analytics. You will have access to reports or dashboards that track quantifiable data such as website visitor activity, pages viewed, emails opened, content downloaded, and campaign responses. As most marketing automation platforms integrate a range of tools you will also have access to your ROI from social campaigns, SEO and AdWords.

Why do I need this? – Measuring the progress of your marketing strategy will allow you to identify what is and isn’t successful, so you can strategically improve your campaigns and prosper.

First Things First

As we’ve recently discussed on our blog, to measure your success you will need to transform your marketing from manual to modern with the right marketing automation platform.

Marketing automation platforms vary in degrees of customisation and may or may not be accessible in real time. They also differ in their multichannel reporting capabilities such as social media and PPC. Key features to look for in an automation platform to optimise reporting include a dedicated use of CRM and integration between the website, CRM and automation platform.

Find out more about how to choose the right marketing automation platform for your business.

Campaign Tracking


You can use your marketing automation platform to set up reports for each type of email you send such as newsletters or nurture campaigns. This will display your open rates, bounce rates and CTR’s, down to specifics such as contact names and where they clicked.

Social media

When tracking your social media campaigns, it’s important to use custom redirects or special URLs through your marketing automation platform for an accurate report.

Google AdWords

Similarly, the easiest way to track your PPC campaigns is to set up custom redirects. It is also best practise to use the below campaign structure for your ads so data can be clearly displayed, according to how ads are performing on a campaign, ad group and keyword level, making it easy to draw conclusions. Your Google AdWords report is integrated into your marketing automation platform so all data is hosted in one place.




Revenue Impact Report

Using the Act-On platform, not only can you view specific reports on each campaign and each prospect or client, you can also access a holistic impact of your marketing efforts through lead and revenue tracking.

new leads generated

revenue tracking

With detailed, quality reports, you will be empowered with the insight you need to consistently develop your marketing campaigns to optimise your sales, revenue and overall business success.


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