Optimise The Buyer Journey

Your customers are only clicks away from the information they need for their purchase decision. If you’re not present throughout their buying journey you can bet that your competitors are stealing the spotlight. To stay ahead of competition it is imperative that you effectively nurture your customer’s journey with the right content at the right time.

More than this, you must earn your customers permission to build a long term, trusting brand-consumer relationship. Unlocking the Power of Permission, “UPOP” for short, is our methodology that takes your customer from a suspect through to a brand ambassador. Your ambassadors will foster brand loyalty and advocate your brand through word-of-mouth and the sharing of online content.

To achieve this, the buyer journey cannot stop after a purchase decision is made. Content must be strategically delivered to customers post purchase, to enhance their brand experience. The emphasised importance of content frequency and talking to the right person, at the right time with the right offer may seem unattainable – this is where the opportunity arises for a successful marketing automation platform.

Recently, Permission’s managing director, Rick Merten, sat down with echojunction’s Adam Fraser to share his 20 years of digital marketing experience and provide an insightful customer engagement and marketing discussion. You can listen to the discussion here. In this podcast you will learn how to transform your one off buyer to an ambassador of your brand by implementing the right marketing strategy.

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Use marketing automation to keep up with your buyers

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