Nobody Said Marketing Was Easy.

We’ve just all been told it’s necessary no matter what.

Here’s the secret:
Marketing ISN’T necessary.

Bad marketing, irrelevant marketing, and tone-deaf marketing won’t get you anywhere.

The only marketing that’s necessary is marketing that makes sense — both to your team and your customers.

60% of companies struggle to create content consistently—
and 65% report they can’t produce engaging content.

We’re not all doomed to the endless content creation machine.

Instead, find some inspiration from below 👇

Try a strategy that:
✅ Features your fans
✅ Boosts what you already know
✅ Promotes your product or service through creative channels including infographics and collaborations

Did you try something new this year? 🤔
What worked/didn’t work?

Let’s share our ideas to help us ALL grow this year! 🚀

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