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What You Need to Know About LinkedIn PPC Advertising

Are you running an AdWords campaign and not seeing the results you desire? Or maybe you’re looking for a PPC advertising channel that has a better targeting method than the keyword algorithms invented by Google.

LinkedIn is the frontrunner for B2B advertising and as a platform, is taking the business world by storm with over 433 million users(i). This doesn’t surprise us, as LinkedIn’s social selling capabilities allows B2B businesses to generate sales-worthy leads efficiently, in a valuable and personable way.

 What can LinkedIn advertising do for my business?

Let us first outline the opportunities that come with advertising on a platform that is flourishing in the business landscape. Unlike other PPC channels, LinkedIn advertising is built for B2B professionals, allowing you to raise awareness among valuable prospects through your LinkedIn updates . In fact, four out of the five members that you reach have an impact on business decisions within their organisations(i).

With each PPC campaign, you also have the power to reach over 7 million targeted prospects, including 84 thousand SME’s, 997 thousand decision-makers and 100 thousand CXO’s. – LinkedIn.

As LinkedIn is ultimately a social channel, once you’ve reached prospects, they are much more inclined to click on your profile and connect with you, allowing you to build relationships and increase lead generation.

How it works?

The process itself is as simple as setting up your ad account and creating your campaign. Don’t let the marketing term ‘PPC campaign’ intimidate you, in fact you don’t even have to be a qualified marketer or have experience with Google AdWords to launch this for your business. Once you’ve launched your PPC campaign, you will automatically reach prospects directly as they scroll through their social feed, browsing the latest insights into the professional landscape.

The specific target audience and the number of prospects you reach is completely up to you. LinkedIn allows you to select your ideal audience according to key business criteria including location, company name, industry, size, job title, function and so on. Ensure you build target audience profiles before setting up your campaign so you’re clear on the audience you want to talk to. Learn how to build target audience profiles.   

The cost?

You may be under the impression that LinkedIn advertising will blow your budget, but in fact, LinkedIn’s PPC advertising costs operate similarly to Google AdWords, where you build the campaign around your business’ requirements. You have the option to place a bid based on the cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM), set a daily budget, campaign dates and a total budget.

If you’re already running an AdWords campaign or another form of PPC advertising and you’re unsure of how LinkedIn ads will weight up, run a trial period and compare the results.


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