Marketing tools are a waste of money 🗑

Marketing tactics = Waste of Time ⏰

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard this over and over:

“If you want your marketing to work, you HAVE to use this new tactic!”

But you don’t. You’re wasting your time jumping from tactic to tactic.

Sure, content is good. Online reach and exposure is wonderful.

But in the end, it’s nothing without sales. Getting new customers is the only way you’ll grow your business.

Marketing tactics aren’t going to tell you who’s willing to buy your products. They won’t tell you what they want to hear. Or how to get them to act.

If you’re spending a lot of money on things like SEM and SEO but still don’t know if your money is well spent, chances are it’s not.

Instead, ask yourself:
➡️ Does this tactic bring clarity or confusion?
➡️ Is this tactic making me money or costing me time?
➡️ If I got rid of this shiny new tactic, would I notice the difference?

Get clear on these 3 questions and you’ll be a step closer to winning new clients.

Because enjoying business means eliminating the unknown.

Make sense?

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