Marketing Automation for Accountants

Marketing Automation for Accountants

Accountants aren’t marketers, but that doesn’t mean they should give up marketing. Marketing automation is the best tool that accountants can use to better communicate with current clients, attract new clients, increase revenue and foster trusting relationships.


What is marketing automation?

If you are wondering what exactly marketing automation is and how it could help, simply put it is software that can automate, streamline and measure marketing actions such as emails and social media campaigns. It will make these activities easier, faster, more efficient and will generate results.

By using marketing automation, you can consolidate client data, track client behaviour and other key metrics. You can also consolidate all your marketing into one tool making it easier to manage.

Marketing automation was traditionally used to gain, manage and nurture prospective clients. Nowadays, it is not limited to this use, as people now use it to communicate with current clients through triggered emails, to support other marketing efforts such as onboarding, to understand website behaviour and more.  What you decide to do with marketing automation all depends on what goal or objective you are trying to achieve.


How does it work?

Say your goal was to cross sell services such as advisory or auditing to clients, but current clients mainly used your tax services.

What would YOU do? There many features included in marketing automation platforms, but the best is a nurturing program. A nurturing program could include a series of emails educating clients on advice you provide, with each email offering a white paper, article or infographic that contains interesting information about how you can help them.

These emails can be sent every two weeks with a button such as “Book an appointment”, “Call now for more information” or “See how we can help you”.  This incentivises clients to take an action which leads them on the journey to purchasing an advisory service from you.

On the other hand, say your goal was to keep in contact with clients, then your solution would not be the same as the one described above. A monthly newsletter is more suitable for mass communication across your database. A newsletter can keep clients informed on your business and you can also include information such as an educational article.

In this newsletter, you can include buttons such as “Learn more” and “Explore” so that users actually interact with the content and absorb the message you are trying to communicate.


At Permission, we not only use marketing automation for our clients, but for ourselves. Through this, we have achieved our client’s and our own goals. If you are interested in using marketing automation or want to learn more, contact us on 1800 737  266 or for a chat on how we can help you achieve your goal.



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