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targeted B to B lead generation tool

GROW my pipeline!

Reach your ideal customer on a one-to-one basis at minimal cost with maximum leads

Looking for a way to find and connect with that ideal customer – in a way that’s so targeted it leads directly to a one-on-one conversation?

It’s time you unleashed the power of LinkedIn, the #1 platform for B2B lead generation, as rated by marketers.

80% of LinkedIn members drive business decisions and have twice the buying power of average web audiences

We’ve built on 20 years of personalised one-to-one digital marketing expertise to create the ultimate low-cost LinkedIn Lead Generation toolkit. And we do it without soaking up your time.

How does Permission’s LinkedIn
Accelerated Growth program work?

Combining automation with genuine human touch, we build meaningful rapport with a carefully curated network of ideal prospects and when the time is right, we hand them to you, ready for you to activate their potential!


Working closely with you, we identify the type of high-value prospect and create an avatar you’d love to have as a customer.

LinkedIn Profile rebuild

We re-engineer your profile to optimise sales clarity, relevance, findability and position you firmly as the industry expert you are.

Network growth

On your behalf our team of professional communicators reach out to your entire target group on a one-by-one basis to and generate awareness and build your sales pipeline. We will only connect with highly targeted prospects defined in consultation with you. We guarantee the number high-value connections that we will establish each month.

Engagement and lead generation

We engage your prospect network using human-to-human dialogue and content to deepen awareness and interest in you and your solution, developing rapport and positioning you as a trusted advisor. Every message issued your behalf is personalised and crafted by one of our communication experts, so that conversations develop into meaningful exchanges. We then suggest a meeting with you.

Book and handover

When enough rapport is built to give you a head start on creating a real-life connection and our communication experts see the prospect can benefit from your experience, we confirm their desire to meet with you and hand them over to you to close the deal!

Easy on your time … and budget

The campaign demands very little of you. We take over your account so we can manage all this on your behalf and only disturb you to provide progress reports and to deliver your new sales leads, complete with the conversation that has happened so far so you can seamlessly transition into a real interaction.

The service starts from just $3,500 per month plus GST. However, to finalise the costs we need to understand the targeted customer, the quantity of leads you want each month, and more about what that perfect opportunity looks like.

Additional upside

Yes, the program is all about new lead generation but don’t forget your LinkedIn strategy can be expanded, without a loss of focus, to include other aspects of value creation:

  • Keeping current customers aware and informed.
  • Branding and communicating value proposition.
  • Driving traffic.
  • Content distribution.
  • Positioning the organization for recruitment.


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A typical client reaction

Permission has designed our LinkedIn strategy, guided us on the communication of our proposition and supported its execution. We are pleased to see the program generating a steady increase in lead generation.

Josh Hallam ICI
General Manager

For 20 years we’ve been delivering solid business growth for our clients

Permission has rebranded to reflect our belief that better marketing happens from the inside out.

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