LinkedIn releases hot new targeting and lead gen tools. Here’s everything you need to know

LinkedIn releases hot new targeting and lead gen tools. Here’s everything you need to know

Up until now the only way you could reach prospects on LinkedIn was through search, simply hunting them down according to their industry, location, job title or company –  there’s a missing link here.  When you contact them it’s a digital cold call at the top of the funnel.

But what about getting your message in front of prospects who have already visited your website, or are in your email contact list. These people are in a much warmer place with your business and are therefore more likely to respond. You need a way to reach this part of your funnel – which after all is where the action is likely to be.


Finding your Perfect Match

LinkedIn’s brand new tool ‘Matched Audiences’ allows you to retarget your paid content – LinkedIn calls them ads –  in three ways, all of which are accessed through the Ads Manager tool.

The first is by adding a LinkedIn ‘insight tag’ code to your website to track and target LinkedIn members who have visited your website. The second is account targeting, which is done by uploading a list of company names which LinkedIn then matches to the corresponding company accounts – and you can upload up to up to 300,000 companies! When targeting by company account, LinkedIn directs your content to the decision makers at those companies. The third is contact targeting, allowing you to upload a list of contacts or sync your data integration system with LinkedIn for contacts to be automatically matched with LinkedIn profiles where your content will be automatically displayed to them.


Getting the most Value from your Targeted Audience 

Once you’ve got your targeted audience you need the right approach to nurture them. A common challenge for small to medium firms is getting the most response from every dollar in their marketing budget. People may see and ‘like’ your content which is great for brand awareness and engagement but if you need leads now – as most SMEs do –  your ads are going to need some serious strategy and optimisation. LinkedIn’s got a new solution for you here as well. Their new lead generation forms allow users to click the call to action on your ad, which generates an in-app form that is pre-populated with their LinkedIn profile information so they can submit instantly.

This form can link to anything you’d like such as an email subscription, gated content, or event registration.

Once someone submits a Lead Gen Form, you’ll receive a lead record with their data and they will see an in-app “thank you” page that immediately connects them with your content or sends them to your site to learn more.


Devising an effective LinkedIn strategy may seem challenging but as specialists, we’re getting amazing results. We do all the hard work for our clients and simply open up new business opportunities for them.

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