Know Your Customer Better Than They Know Themselves – Predictive Analytics

Know Your Customer Better Than They Know Themselves – Predictive Analytics

What if we told you that it’s possible to predict your customers’ next move and act on this without lifting a finger? No longer do you have to pour resources into marketing campaigns, unsure if they will generate a positive ROI. Digital has given us the power to take ‘targeting’ to the next level, so you can automatically direct relevant content to prospects that are open to purchasing your product or service. You can engage prospects with your offer before your competitor even crosses their mind.

Ever noticed how Netflix presents you with suggestions for new TV series’ you might enjoy, or the way Spotify seamlessly brings you a new ‘discover weekly’ playlist each week with songs you’ve never heard but usually love? This is predictive analytics in its simplest B2C form and a concept that can also be applied in B2B marketing.

Leveraging data empowers your business to track ‘digital body language’, which is a core factor of any successful digital marketing campaign. You can use clicks, web visits, open rates, downloads, hashtags and purchase behavior to predict your hottest lead and their next steps.

Predictive marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average and 2.1x more likely to occupy a commanding leadership position in the product/service markets they serve. (Forbes)

You may know the importance of data in driving leads towards a sale and beyond, but this process can be quite the headache without the right tools. Fortunately, you do not need to be a scientific marketer or spend countless hours measuring complex algorithms. Marketing automation platforms efficiently manage the tens, hundreds or even thousands of anonymous prospects that visit your website each day, and analyse the online landscape to predict, locate, and target sales-worthy leads.

You can use insights from current social conversations and online activity to create relevant campaigns with valuable content and leave it to your marketing automation platform to direct this to the right people.

So take your marketing to the next level, with automated targeting, so accurate that you will generate a higher conversion rate and ROI.

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