‘I Hate My IT’

‘I Hate My IT’

Permission’s latest campaign transforms the stereotype of IT service providers from nerdy dudes to insightful experts who feel the pain we all go through.


In our latest campaign we’ve taken an innovative approach to accessing a notoriously difficult-to-reach target: super-busy SME owners.


Our digital lead generation campaign for Centrix Solutions, an IT service provider uses intrapreneurship as a gateway strategy; that is, encouraging entrepreneurial actions from within an organisation. Harnessing employee pester power, if you like.


IT support is an industry that meets the criteria for needing an ‘unexpected’ marketing transformation.


As a creative digital consultancy it’s our job to make organisations that operate in the most conservative industries seem interesting. Our campaigns take unexpected turns, they may even confront, but without cut-through there is no response


We had to make Centrix stand out from being just another IT company among thousands, we had to humanise them, and we had to find a way to get them in front of our elusive target.


So we decided to create a campaign that taps into a pain point with which employees can relate – the IT nightmare.


We all know that feeling when the blue screen of death appears and the mouse is suddenly lifeless beneath our hand. In a cold sweat we wonder how much work we’ve lost this time. Did Janice remember to do the back-up last night? Will the IT guy yell at us like last time? Will we miss our deadline?


The problem is, IT problems can become an accepted part of workplace culture. What can employees do about it? In many places the answer is ‘just put up with it’.


‘I Hate My IT’ changes that. By mirroring employees’ private frustrations back to them through our four-word tag – frustrations they might not express out loud – we give permission to complain, maybe even confront – because there’s a better way.  It empowers employees to approach the CEO/business owner by providing tools and facts that not only point out the IT system sucks, but quantify the cost of not doing anything about it.


And guess what? Our client Centrix just happens to have a solution.


Executed through a highly creative animated video (‘The nightmare’) that’s published through highly targeted social channels, a jokey quiz splash site, automated emails and blog articles, the campaign leverages the universality of IT nightmares into a practical action that saves businesses time and money and positions the employee as the hero responsible for the transformation.


Check out the video here:

‘I Hate My IT’


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