How To Use LinkedIn Groups For Lead Generation

LinkedIn is by far the simplest and most cost effective way to build professional relationships and cultivate B2B lead generation initiatives.

LinkedIn groups are a great place to start. These are communities within LinkedIn that focus on particular topics or interests, bringing like minded professionals together. Not only are they helpful for staying up to date with the latest conversations in your industry, they also provide you with an established group of potential prospects.

Finding the right groups to join

When joining groups for lead generation, many marketers look in all the wrong places. It’s automatic to gravitate towards familiar ground, however joining groups where your competitors are hanging out will not bring you any new business.

Instead, put yourself if your prospects shoes. Ask yourself what industry they work in, their role within the workplace and their location.

Use the LinkedIn search bar to specify your search according to these key indicators and then filter the search by choosing “groups”.


Become a “Thought Leader” in your chosen groups

Positioning yourself as a thought leader will soon have group members associating your name and business as the ‘go to’ source for information and service. Achieving this is simple, with time and consistency. Do not expect instant gratification or attempt to accelerate the process with a hard sell approach. Instead, Offer insightful information and provide solutions that solve common challenges within the group. A personable, helpful approach is the most effective way to build trust with your audience and thus convert them into sales-ready leads.

Use groups to determine your top prospects

Looking to improve your targeting strategy? You can use the following function to target a specific type of prospect within a LinkedIn group.

In your chosen group, click the members list and scroll down to load as many members as possible. Then press “Command +F” on your keyboard to access the keyword search feature.

Type in the keyword (such as a job title) you want to target, and your browser will highlight the members within the group who have that keyword in their job title.

You can then open each person’s profile in a new window and send a personalised invitation to connect.

Send messages to LinkedIn group members

Staying up to date with the latest group activity will allow you to monitor what people are discussing and therefore see the challenges they are facing. With this information, you can determine valuable leads that may be worth reaching out to via Inmail or a LinkedIn connection.

For your message to be effective you must include a key purpose. For example, you could address the current LinkedIn group conversation, offer a free consultation or send an invitation to a “special” webinar relative to the issue they are facing.


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