How to Optimise Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

What is your online profile saying about you? 5 top tips for making sure your LinkedIn profile shows how you want to brand yourself on a professional level.

Never before has your personal online brand been so important. The ease at which it can be accessed makes it one of the most powerful tools you have at your smart phone finger tips; however when done wrongly it can have disastrous effects. It could be the difference between sealing a deal, getting that promotion you’ve been striving for or achieving your work related goals.

  1. A picture says 1000 words!

Always include a profile picture, and a professional one! A photo from your latest night out may have found memories for you but what does it say to that prospect you’ve been trying to convert for the last few months?

‘Your profile is 7 times more likely to be viewed if it has a professional picture and is great for remembering who’s who after networking events.’ (Forbes)

  1. Tell your professional story…but the right parts!

Your profile is your opportunity to show what drives you and how this can help your target audience. Demonstrate your reputation as a high achiever and why people should work with you by highlighting your key achievements for clients rather than including your entire CV.

These could be the key driver as to whether that key stakeholder chooses to return your call and build a relationship or not.

  1. Develop your credibility as a thought leader

Contribute! Position yourself as the expert by sharing high quality content that resonates with those you want to talk to. Post on your profile and in relevant groups to engage others and show why your knowledge and understanding of their needs and challenges makes you the person to do business with.

This will also gain your profile valuable exposure for attracting new connections.

  1. Looking to be found?

Like in search engines, LinkedIn members can find others of interest to them by searching relevant keywords and phrases. Optimise your profile’s headlines, summaries and career experience with keywords that you want to appear for. Don’t use too many though as after all, nobody likes a show-off.

The influence of LinkedIn profiles is also reflected by them making regular appearances in Google searches. Is there a bigger reason than this to make sure that you are high in Google’s rankings with the best? Wouldn’t you want to work with those at the top of their game?

  1. Include skills and advance with testimonials

LinkedIn allows you to note the skills that make you who you are in the business world and add weight to them through endorsements from those you have helped. With ever increasing connectivity across networks, a client’s endorsement could lead to a call from another sales target.

These are great but not as powerful as word of mouth. As a client praises your work, never forget to ask them to write you a testimonial detailing your successes for the next happy client to find.


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