How to Optimise Your Marketing Automation System

How to Optimise Your Marketing Automation System

You’ve heard the excitement about marketing automation and discovered the seamless experience and huge ROI your company can achieve. You’ve taken the next big step and bought into a marketing automation system to optimise your sales opportunities. Now that you are fully equipped with all the tools you need to transform your business, are you asking yourself ‘where are the results?’

Still unsure on what marketing automation is all about? Have a read through our article, Transform Your Marketing from Manual to Modern, to learn why marketing automation will be the most powerful marketing tool in your business.

At first, your new marketing automation solution and requirement for change in your marketing processes may be a challenge. Like anything new, it will take time for your team to adapt to a new strategy and achieve the results you are expecting, but there are practices you can follow to improve manage this change.

Gaining an edge in your new marketing capabilities requires tapping into both sides of the brain. With a perfect combination of science and creativity, you can optimise marketing automation in your business to produce better customer experiences, increased awareness, leads and revenue.

Read the following tips to learn how to apply your marketing automation system for optimal success:

  1. Be a goal setter and plan accordingly

A destination and road map are essential for a marketing strategy that will thrive long-term. Create a yearly plan that is then managed on a month to month basis. Setting goals and creating a detailed plan will give your team the detailed direction they need to create and implement seamless campaigns that will deliver results. Your goals may include:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Growing brand awareness
  • Integrating sales and marketing

Identify which goals are important to you in the current stage of your business. For more on goal setting and implementation see our SEO = Sales webinar video.

  1. Sync Your Data

Your automation system is capable of hosting all of your data in one place. Ensure that your contacts from Salesforce, LinkedIn, email and any other primary communication channels are synchronised and at your fingertips. Also, ensure that your social, email and website analytics are synchronised so you can successfully monitor and personalise campaigns.

  1. Segment Your Database

Segmenting your database will revolutionise the way you run your marketing campaigns. By leveraging the lead scoring functionality in your automation system, you can segment your prospects according to their actions, so you can keep track of where they are in the sales funnel. This will allow you to send targeted communications that generate an optimised ROI.

For a detailed guide on how to define and track your leads with a lead scoring system see our Marketing Automation Strategy Guide.

  1. Start Experimenting

There’s no better time than now to start testing communications. Mix up your content with both visual and written communications, sent at various times, through various channels, to see which resonates best with your audience.

  1. Creativity is Key

When creating campaigns and sending communications, don’t shy from creativity, this is the edge you need to engage prospects.

  1. Keep Communication Alive

The beauty of marketing automation is the ease in which you can send continuous communication to develop your brand awareness and nurture your leads. In no way do we encourage spamming your contact list with a mass message as this will only jeopardise future business. Your retargeting communications must be personalised and timely, in order to resonate with the reader.

  1. Analyse & Improve

Measuring the progress of your marketing strategy will allow you to identify what is and isn’t successful, so you can strategically improve your campaigns and prosper. Read our previous article on how to optimise your data collection and ROI reporting using your marketing automation platform.


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