Implement Social Shopping For Your Business

How to Implement Social Shopping For Your Business

In our last article we discussed the new feature that’s revolutionising the world of ecommerce. The new feature being social shopping, where shoppable ads on Facebook and buyable pins on Pinterest are providing customers with the most seamless shopping tool, imbedded into their social media experience.

Facebook and Pinterest are not the only social platforms rolling out this fancy feature; Instagram and Twitter are on board too. The new concept has provided the missing link between social sites and point of purchase, which has convinced companies to get on board so they can reap the benefits and capitalise on this new revenue stream.

Read our following tips to discover how you can easily take advantage of social shopping for your business.


Instagram is set to hit $2.81 billion in mobile ad revenue globally by 2017. Their new sponsored ad campaigns’ highlighting a ‘shop now’ button is only the beginning of their social ecommerce capabilities. Instagram is leveraging the best of Facebook’s infrastructure for managing and measuring the sponsored ads, so their targeting is accurate and effective. However, as of now the Instagram ads API is only open to select partners and agencies, but it is set to expand.

Prior to the API being expanded, many successful retail companies such as Forever21, Target and Nordstrom, are taking advantage of the third party solution developed by Curalate, a visual analytics and marketing platform.

Curalate have developed the service, Like2buy, a great solution around Instagram’s restriction against clickable links. Thus, the service doesn’t link from the Instagram app itself; it duplicates a business’s Instagram account into a Like2Buy-hosted feed.

Accessing this service is as simple as registering for Like2Buy and receiving the URL for your duplicated Instagram feed which you can display in your Instagram bio.

On your duplicated Instagram page products in each photo have clickable links to your online store where the product can be purchased.


Facebook allows you to activate a shop within your Facebook page using Shopify, the ecommerce software. Following these steps will automatically provide you with a ‘shop’ tab and store on your Facebook business page.

  1. Sign up to Shopify
  2. Upload an image of your item
  3. Fill in the description of your items
  4. Set your price

Facebook also provides businesses with the ability to add CTA buttons to their adverts which direct the user to a specified website page. Using the Facebook Adverts Create tool you can

  1. Select your objective
  2. Choose your image
  3. Choose your advert placement
  4. Add text and choose your CTA button
  5. Select your advert target

And finally, set up your budget and set your campaign live so you can watch the clicks roll in.


Signing up to Shopify really is your gateway to becoming a social selling master. Creating a Shopify account is also the step that you must take to sell on twitter. Once you’ve connected your Twitter as a sales channel on Shopify any product link you’ve tweeted from your online store will include a buy button. Transactions will seamlessly synchronise with Shopify.


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