Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be seen as a social media underdog when compared with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but don’t let that fool you. In fact, LinkedIn provides unique opportunities for business growth without the need of extensive resources that overwhelm your budget and schedule.

LinkedIn is your gateway to a hub of professionals, providing you with access to potential prospects and endless opportunities to network.

So why not take advantage of this? By implementing the following key practices you can manage your LinkedIn profile at a high level and boost your business with increased leads, stature and ROI.

  1. Create a Company Page

Create a company page with quality content, links to your website and contact details. Your Company LinkedIn page should be visually appealing, with images and content that are consistent with your brand.  Actively using this page will generate increased exposure and awareness of your business.

  1. Optimise your Personal and Employee profiles

Similar to your company page, your personal and employee profiles should be advanced with a completed summary section, professional profile photo, recommendations and qualifications. Include personality to engage your prospective customers and encourage discussion by providing contact details. Listing your company page and re-sharing posts on all employee pages is also a must to achieve optimum exposure.

  1. Make Quality Connections

Follow your prospects and current customers or clients on LinkedIn as well as other professionals with active profiles. And don’t stop at a connection. Nurture specific relationships with appropriate communication to develop a valuable network.

  1. Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Position yourself as a thought leader by publishing your blog posts. Be the ‘go to’ expert on LinkedIn for valuable insights which are relevant to your industry.

  1. Post interesting and Relevant Updates

Quality and consistency are key. Posting updates daily, with a variety of insightful content will generate increased impressions and interaction and further promote your business.

  1. Engage in Discussion

Propose questions to your network and actively communicate with connections through the direct message feature. Make your messages personal and show interest in the business of your connections. Generic messages are of no value as they are automatically considered as spam.

  1. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

According to LinkedIn, group participants get 4x the number of profile views. Become active in LinkedIn groups and share your valuable knowledge with potential leads. LinkedIn groups are essentially a continuous networking event, where you have the opportunity to target group members through direct message and begin a relationship.

  1. Generate Exposure with Sponsored Updates

Taking full advantage of LinkedIn’s business features will provide you with the most benefit. In sponsoring updates, your posts will be displayed more often than other posts, increasing your exposure and interaction from the demographic you specifically target.

  1. Use LinkedIn Analytics

Discover which of your posts are successful with the LinkedIn analytics tool and learn from your data. Generating LinkedIn reports will show the progress of your company page and bring insight as to how you can improve.

  1. Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

An internal HubSpot study found that LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate of all social networks at 2.74%, where Facebook converts leads at 0.77% and Twitter at 0.69% (i). Optimise your lead generation by nurturing your prospects with quality information that includes calls-to-action to guide your followers. Share links to relevant information on your website and blog that provide a benefit to followers. Most importantly, do not confuse promotion with hard sell – those days are long over.


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