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How Gmail’s New Opt-Out Feature Forces You To Love Your Email List

Since Google is recently implementing updates on Gmail, including a new ‘passive opt-out’ feature, now – more than ever – you need to treat your email subscribers like a lover!

Say you have an email subscriber who never opens your email. Google has decided they no longer love you and now sends them a suggestion like the below to break up with you! In other words – they opt out or unsubscribe from your list.

Gmail Update

The key question is, will this help or harm your marketing efforts? And how should you adapt to it?


A double edged sword

It’s a mixed bag, really. On the one hand, you’re almost certainly going to see list reduction from Gmail users.

However, weeding out inactive recipients is no bad thing – email to them is simply wasted. So, in a way, Google is helping clean your data for you!

But really the best thing about the new feature is that it makes you work harder to keep the romance alive with your subscribers. Here’s how.


50 ways to keep your lover

Well, not really 50 but it’s a good song, isn’t it!

Here’s five tips to entice them before they’re lost perhaps forever:

  • Change the frequency and timing of your emails

Subscribers get frustrated when brands email too often so consider carefully whether you really need to be a slave to that send schedule – do you have something worthwhile to offer in every email? Similarly, perhaps you’re sending at inconvenient times to these users. Experiment with send times and don’t blindly follow industry standards.

  • Reach out to customers on day 28
    Send that extra special email to your list just before Gmail gets to them! Make it a personalised offer to pique their interest again, let them know you miss them and that they should stick around for more like that.
  • Use triggered emails and automate messages

Triggered emails are a powerful at way to engage at the most meaningful time. When a user has downloaded a piece of content or has abandoned a cart, they should receive an automated email that addresses them personally and recognises what they’ve just done.

  • As obvious as it is, make your content relevant and interesting

Step up your content game, as you now need to work harder. Categorise subscribers by insight and segment your list accordingly. Permission-based marketing means recognising that in return for their eyeballs and brain-space, you need to provide something they’ll value.


It is only recently that Gmail has announced these updates, but it’s best you start thinking about the implications it has for you. The bottom line is that if they aren’t interested in you despite your best efforts to re-engage, then it’s time to move on. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them!


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