Hiring A New Marketing Consultant Isn’t Easy.

Hiring A New Marketing Consultant Isn’t Easy.

We hired one last week on behalf of a client.

And she already created a problem.

She’s remote. She’s young. And ambitious.

She took control of a meeting within the first project.

Didn’t even ask.

She saw a way to improve, then just did it.

We gave her more opportunities.

And she grabbed them with gusto.

And now she wants more projects and challenges!

Not a bad problem, right?

For small businesses, it’s hard to hire consultants. But we have good success.

The worst thing you can do is look for any reason not to hire.


Look for the intangibles. The personality, attitude, and values that underpin the skillset.

And the fact that the candidate’s been following our business for years.

You can’t find that in a portfolio.

I know I’m not perfect at hiring.

I’ve fired employees that I once vouched for.

But I’m improving.

That’s why today I offer support wherever I can.

As the Managing Director, it’s my responsibility to build them up to our standards.

And keep an eye open for more potential.

I don’t care if they’re remote.

A minority.

Over 50.


Value is only found once given an opportunity.

Then you can measure performance.

Do you hesitate to hire marketers?

Why/why not?

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