Make your website work harder

Harder Working Websites – Your website needs to work harder in every dimension!

Your website is your business window to the world. But that’s no longer enough.

Now it has to work so much harder. For starters, it needs to:

  1. Engage in two seconds
  2. Convert browsers into leads
  3. Give you tools to activate leads to sale
  4. Get you found by Google
  5. Let you manage it all effortlessly

That’s a lot. But that’s how we make websites – from funnel strategy to execution.

We call them  4-Dimensional  Websites. Why?

Because they’re a little like a Rubiks cube that combines these four distinct and interlocking feature sets:

  1. Sales effectiveness
  2. Technical functionality
  3. Impact and memorability
  4. Usability

A 4-D website combines elements of the rational as well as emotional to strengthen your brand, deliver your proposition and convert interest into action.

Keep on reading to learn about each of the 4 dimensions in more detail.


#1: Sales effectiveness – the bottom line of all marketing, really, isn’t it? 

It comprises the following main features: 

  1. Activationdesigned to trigger a behavioural response – be it to enquire, sign up or even buy  
  2. Funnel managementtech that allows generated leads tobe effortlessly nurtured (we use automation technology for this) 
  3. User trackingallowing you to see which prospects visited your site, what they looked at, how long they spent there etc. Invaluable info for your sales team!  
  4. Promotioncampaigns come and go – you must be able to easily add effective content and landing pages for new offers and promotions  

An example is a recent site we created for The Classic Safari Company. It’s a huge, content-rich site, so we built in short-cuts all over it to speed the user’s journey to enquiry. Check out the website here.


#2: Impact and Memorability.   

Impact and Memorability has two main parts:  

  1. Proposition impactit’s important to articulate a compelling proposition that’s quick to understand and speaks to your target’s needs. If you do this well, you’ll get meaningful engagement from the get-go. 
  2. Visual Impact“oh this looks interesting.” If that’s the first thought your site prompts, you’re looking at a quality website visit – one where the visitor spends time on the site and remembers your brand!  

For example, for social good architects Stanton Dahl’s website, we created a highly visual dynamic entry point that delivered on their promise of ‘Architecture in the Service of People’. Click here to see it.  


Dimension #3: Technical Functionality.

You can have a beautiful site, but if the damn thing is a pain to maintain, you won’t be happy!

Technical Functionality has three parts:

  1. Robust reliability – use one of the popular platforms that offers lots of well-tested plug-ins and make sure the server-side of things is well structured and managed.
  2. Ongoing Flexibility – after your new website is published, sooner or later you’ll want to add and update content. Our sites let you create new pages in multiple designs yourself without resorting to specialist help at all.
  3. Systems integration – your site must play nicely with other tech you use, be it eCommerce/payments, CRM or Marketing Automation.

For events business Hannover Fairs we integrated their third-party ticket booking and payment apps with MYOB, not a trivial project.


Dimension #4: Usability

  1. Simple User Experience: browsers are impatient! If your site’s confusing, they’re gone! You need easy nav and clear information hierarchy that leads to enquiry.
  2. Simple Management of the Site: You’ll soon want to add and update content and new pages, forms, assets etc. Your site should in no way inhibit you doing so simply. Your CMS should allow most of this without resorting to specialist services.

We recently overhauled Relationships Australia’s site to bring it into line with improved accessibility standards – so that sight and hearing-impaired users were not disadvantaged in any way. It was a complex but very gratifying user-experience project that involved creating highly accessible design without losing the brand values and attractiveness of the site. Have a look at the website here.


If any of the above interested you in some way, and you’re interested in learning how your website can work harder, click here to run your website through our free audit tool, or contact Rick Merten at

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