Engagement in the Digital World

Digitisation has built a vault of data so stunningly rich that marketers have the capacity to engage consumers with even more meaning and relevance than ever before. The sophistication of market segmentation, made possible by data analysis, excitingly brings the likelihood of engagement closer with each added layer of customisation.

So, what questions do we need to be asking first? The challenge is to think about how we as marketers tap into the power of customisation when volume is still important to drive visibility. We don’t want to fall into a trap of generic ‘engaging’ communications that do not foster true personalisation in the slightest, but rather alienate individuals.

The key is to create balance between digital reach and a personalised experience.

The ultimate motivation of growth and sales is no longer only achieved from pushing our products and services on targeted markets. We must pay attention to the details to capture the imagination of each individual customer. The key is to offer not only beneficial products, but a quality experience which synchronises with our customer’s lifestyle.

This is where small data becomes a secret catalyst for your business success. Specific observation of individual consumers is the foundation for a lasting connection. By taking fast action on individual activity we are able to exceed customer expectations and gain the consumer loyalty, we so greatly desire.

The capabilities of digital platforms are ever expanding. What was once an email automation opportunity has progressed to marketing automation platforms which foster efficiency and provide access to the world of your data, which otherwise would be unobtainable. We must take advantage of the technologies available to optimise our digital toolkit and endless opportunity for success.


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