Empower Your Customers to be Your Biggest Marketers

If your business value’s customer-centricity and brand-customer relationships, you are on the right path towards turning your customers into brand advocates. In today’s connected society, customers are quickly gaining more influential power over brands. 68% of people trust customer recommendations they read on social media, online forums and blog posts (Nielson). Rather than fighting against this natural course of events, companies should take advantage of this opportunity and utilise it as a cost effective, powerful marketing tool. Read on to find out how to turn your customers into brand advocates and boost your sales.

Keep an open line of communication

Building trust with your customers is the way to win their loyalty and create an enthusiastic advocate. As much as it’s important to impress customers and exceed expectations, it is also important to remain transparent and personable. Customers appreciate that no business is perfect and will be much more accepting of mistakes if you make them aware as soon as possible rather than trying to hide them.

Look for feedback and act on it

If you want your customers to be brand advocates you must give customers what they want. Yes it’s that simple. Pay attention to customer feedback or go one step further by asking their opinions using surveys and feedback forms. If you value your customers you will be surprised at how many are willing to provide you with constructive feedback. Incorporate this insight into your business to improve the experience you provide. Your customer driven changes will attract much more brand advocacy to your business without you even asking for it.

Ask for user generated content

Customer recommendations influence 91% of B2B buyer decisions (USM). With this kind of outcome, it is well worth it to take full advantage of this opportunity by asking customers for content such as a review, social post or uplifting testimonial. While many customers agree to submit content, they often do not follow through. You can encourage customers by making the process simple and providing helpful tools such as a template, online submission page, or social media share link.

Use loyalty programs to encourage profitable sharing actions

Loyalty programs are perfect for giving customers that extra motivation to refer friends to your website and speak highly of your product or service. While you can offer dollars off right away, implementing a points system is a cost effective strategy that will also boost your ROI. Using this system, customers can earn points for their marketing actions such as referring friends or tagging your brand in a social media post. Points can be saved and used for rewards such as free shipping or dollars off.

Showcase your reviews

When you’ve gained enough customer reviews and user generated content, you’ll want to showcase it. Dedicate a page or sections on your website for testimonials and customer reviews. For example, you can strengthen your product pages by integrating specific product reviews. Showcasing third party content on your website in the form of meaningful quotes or even testimonial videos will help extend your brand and bring your website to life.



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