Digital advertising – reaching customers in the “now” moment of their decision

Digital advertising – reaching customers in the “now” moment of their decision

‘Reach customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time’. This is something we hear endlessly, but is it really that important? You can get by with ‘business as usual’ marketing, communications right? A once a month mass marketing email newsletter that advertises new products and the latest sales to everyone? Right? Wrong.

But is reaching customers in the right moment even plausible? The process must be expensive and way too technologically advanced.

These are the thoughts running through the minds of retailers online and offline, overwhelmed by the opportunities and threats presented by digital disruption. With new technology comes fear of the unknown, fear of investing your resources in something new and changing your marketing strategy. But if we don’t change, we remain stagnant, competitors who are riding the wave of digital disruption will exceed us, making our brands stale and before we know it, forgotten.

What is the ‘now’ moment? This is addressed through a concept developed by Google called ‘The Zero Moment of Truth’. This is the moment when customers research online for a product they’re looking to buy, or browse through brick and mortar stores with the intention of finding a product which best suits them. This is when your brand needs to reach the customer, with a message that stands out from the rest.


New ways to reach the ‘now’ moment in-store

Retail is turning to tech to revolutionise their customer’s in-store experience in a way which requires less staff, but is more personal than ever before.

Beacon Technology  

What if when walking into your store, customers received a welcome message and when shuffling through clothes and items in different sections, they received messages offering discounts, product specifications or accessories for the exact item they are viewing? Beacon technology situates sensors in your store that track the location of your customer using their smartphone, allowing you to send push notifications to their mobile device.

Intelligent Digital Signage

Digital signage in-store gives the capability to track customer’s position, movement and facial expressions, and respond with relevant content on screen. But what if we need to attract customers into the store? Your signage can face the front of your store and interact with customers as they walk past.


How to reach the ‘now’ moment online

Why blindly reach out to your target audience online when you can reach out to people who have been actively engaging with your brand and products online. This audience is in a much warmer place with your business and much more likely to make a purchase if they are retargeted with a friendly reminder. The digital landscape provides a multitude of ways in which you can retarget your potential customers:

Social Media

Ever search for a product online and then see this same product pop up in your Facebook feed? Social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have retargeting tools available within their paid advertising features so you can retarget potential customers after they’ve browsed your website, Facebook page, or engaged with your content.


Let’s say a potential customer is browsing your online store and adds an item to their cart but leaves without making the purchase because it may just be that little bit above their price range. What if this customer was then delivered an email, advertising this product with a 20% discount which led them back to your online store to make the purchase. Email retargeting is a great way to deliver personalised messages straight to your customer’s inbox according to what they’ve engaged with on your site.

Google Display Network

Within Google’s paid advertising platform, the Google display network provides yet another way to retarget potential customers. This monitors your website visitors and then places your display ad on websites that they visit after this.


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