If your Content Marketing isn’t yet automated, then you are losing out

If your Content Marketing isn’t yet automated, then you are losing out

What is automated content marketing?

Content marketing is undeniably effective, but it can make great demands on time and resources. Marketers are under intense pressure to achieve ROI, however new content automation tools can transform their impact and effectiveness, saving time and money. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Plus you can get ahead of the competition. Only 49% of companies are using any sort of Marketing Automation right now. Amazing when you consider that 80% of businesses using automation experience an increase in leads.


Why is content marketing beneficial?

Did you know that consumers spend over 17 hours engaged with content per day? This includes TV, social and email platforms. Exposure to and demand for content is ever increasing. It’s a hungry beast and if you aren’t automating your content you are definitely losing out on opportunities to connect with your audience.

That backlog of blog posts, videos, pdf’s, and social profiles you have worked hard on and are just waiting for people to check out?  You need automated content marketing tools to create, schedule and trigger content through systems such as Act-On.

Using content automation, prospects can receive material that is automatically selected and sent based on their habits and behaviour, so they can always engage with brands.

Automation means that marketers can not only meet demand but can track prospects’ behaviour and that data is crucial in providing enlightened reporting – all within the automation system. If you are doing these sorts of tasks manually than you are wasting your precious time and probably sending irrelevant content.


How to implement content marketing automation

You will first off need a marketing automation tool that can provide on-page analysis, website visitor tracking codes, behaviour-based trigger rules, email tracking and management, lead management, CRM and social media integration, reporting and analytics. In the system, you’ll be building personas of your target segments so that you can tailor social media posts to them, creating your social media content schedule that intersect your prospects at the most powerful moments.


Good news is a system like Act-on provides all the tools to manage all this and capture prospects data from the moment they visit your site right through to driving purchase.


Now you can sit back and relax while your marketing automation tool pumps out your content for you. Just kidding! While you are doing this, you need to monitor and measure how the prospects are progressing through the funnel. You’ll have all the data and tools to optimise your approach where needed. Keep in mind that just because a campaign or strategy works well once, it may not have the same effect a second time so track what performed best and identify why.


And there you have it, a sure fire way to meet prospects’ needs and optimise your content through automation. Using the right tools, it is not difficult to implement, however if you need any help email us at ask@permission.com.au or call us on 1800 737 266 for a chat.









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