The key to long-term business success

Consumer Engagement – The key to long-term business success

The strength of your brand-consumer relationship is the foundation of your long-term business success.

Engaging your audience means successfully triggering and then connecting an emotional response with their behaviour. It goes like this – a consumer responds emotionally to your brand’s marketing activity and acts accordingly. Interestingly enough, that there is a possibility of a sale is only one implication of this new relationship.

What’s arguably more important is the establishment of the brand-consumer relationship itself, whereby a consumer’s interaction with a brand can become as significant as their interpersonal relationships, through the power of emotional triggering. Take our ‘UPOP’ (Unlocking the Power of Permission) model as an example.



Our methodology assumes the level of permission and relationship value as two key factors between a company and a consumer. As a consumer is engaged by a brand their trust and relationship value increases. This implies an inherent relevance, usefulness, mutual respect and/or genuine interest, driven by a multitude of potential interactions that the brand may have with the consumer.

Thankfully our online activity is no longer viewed as an indulgence, but accepted as one of the many ways society interacts. This has given online channels a newfound respectability and relevance, enabling unsurpassed access and creating a myriad of opportunities to engage.


For more information on building a brand with strong consumer engagement, please see our article ‘The Trust Economy’ .

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