The Right CMS For Your Website

Choosing The Right CMS For Your Website

If you’re creating or improving your website and content strategy, do not look past the primary and most critical step that will deliver your vision, or constantly leave you with tedious roadblocks that exhaust your resources; your content management system (CMS). Your CMS is the foundations of your website content, responsible for administering and displaying your website material. Be strategic in your CMS selection process with research and consideration of the following:

Does your CMS tick all your boxes?

Keep your priorities in check before sealing the deal with your chosen CMS system. Take the time to talk to developers and test the system to ensure it will meet your requirements and bring your vision to life.


Is there a high level of flexibility and customisation capability in the system? This is necessary for you to position your brand throughout your website, present your content in the way you choose and add the plugins you desire. The last thing you need is a CMS with unreasonable design constraints.

Core functionality

Is the user interface of the software easy to navigate and does it provide you with the functionality to complete core tasks such as creating, editing, deleting and organising pages?


It’s strategically important to appreciate that issues could arise and determine how you would combat these. Is there a support team that is available to help you resolve any CMS and website issues.

Which CMS do we opt for?

There is no one-size-fits all, ‘right’ platform when it comes to a CMS, so we implement a CMS which best caters to our client’s needs and their business vision. We do however, always opt for an open source CMS as it provides flexible accessibility options. This is beneficial for our clients as they can easily adjust their website and hosting, preventing them from being tied to one agency. We also ensure that the CMS is equipped with optimal security, maintenance and backups.

If you’re a small to medium businesses with a budget of $10 – $100k, there are a multitude of efficient platforms that will fulfil your requirements. For an e-commerce website, Shopify is a user-friendly option, offering a large selection of add-ons, templates and 24/7 support, for a seamless and secure website. Shopify has been our CMS of choice when developing earthYARD and Hennings Jewellers.

For a content-driven website, WordPress is a professional, cost effective and feature-rich software option, which has assisted us in bringing Making A Difference, Govinnovate and CeBIT’s vision’s to life, as well as our own website design.

For our large and global clients looking for an enterprise option, we recommend the Windows based CMS, Umbraco for it’s ASP.NET technology, where performance controls, such as caching, pre-built easy to use API’s and custom API capabilities are provided. A rich text editor, full customisation, e-commerce plug ins and security has also made Umbraco a successful CMS software for developing SOL Republic and CNH’s New Holland and CASE IH Parts website.

All in all, taking time to research and carefully consider key factors is imperative in order to find the most effective CMS for your website. Ask yourself ‘what am I trying to achieve?’ and be realistic in your list of requirements so you commit to a CMS within your price range. Be conscious of how your business needs could develop in the future, but only pay for the things you will use.


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