How Marketing Automation Will Grow Your Business

CEO Perspective – How Marketing Automation Will Grow Your Business

You may be a marketing manager who understands that marketing automation can revolutionise your business and are unsure how to pitch this to your managing director, or you may be a CEO or business owner yourself looking for an answer to your business’ biggest challenges. Whatever the case, we understand that CEO’s and business owners prioritise and constantly measure ROI, sales and revenue. Whilst marketing automation does indeed meet the day-to-day needs of a marketing and sales team, it also benefits businesses at a high level with business growth as high as 50% (Act-On).

It is therefore important to understand the greater benefits of the technology platform and understand how marketing automation solves your business challenges and achieves your business goals.

  1. Improved revenue measurement and management

Marketing automation delivers real time analytics on campaigns, displaying how leads are converting through the funnel, from a prospect to a closed sale. Marketing teams gain a clear view into which series of campaign touchpoints have driven the most sales deals as well as the revenue impact. They can then focus on fine-tuning the most efficient and strategic process to increase demand and top-line growth.

  1. Align sales and marketing for increased trust and results

Marketing and sales team members have historically lived in two different worlds and getting them to work together can pose a great challenge. However, marketing automation gives you the power to end the disconnect between these two teams. The clear metrics generated by marketing automation holds each team accountable for their progress, providing each person with confidence and a base for collaboration.

  1. Improved marketing efficiency and effectiveness

Marketing automation coordinates all aspects of a marketer’s role and introduces a broader set of responsibilities including strategic content marketing, creating multiple content formats, developing nurture campaigns, managing multiple digital channels, SEO and measuring data. However, the fact that these functions are automated significantly reduces the number of manual tasks needed to engage and nurture a lead and thus, reduces costs and increases efficiency.

  1. Improved sales effectiveness

As found by Nucleus Research, Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. Marketers using an automation platform have the power to gather information about their prospect’s needs and wants, which in turn provides sales reps with unprecedented insight into a prospect’s interests and pain points. This insight is provided to sales reps BEFORE they engage, allowing for a personalised and meaningful conversation. That’s power!

  1. Consistently improve your ROI

“Understanding the customer journey across digital touchpoints is essential to the success of any marketing program” – Lori Wizdo, Forrester Research. Marketing Automation allows you to do just that, with access to real time measurement and reporting. With this data at your fingertips marketing teams can measure ROI across various sales and marketing efforts and make objective financial decisions based on hard data.

Marketing automation has become a must-have solution to respond to changes in the market. It not only provides teams with essential tools, but also gives businesses the most optimal results and the ability to achieve visible growth.

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