Welsey Mission

Welsey Mission

Digital BluePrint

Wesley Mission uses Permission’s Digital BluePrint planning services to strategically define the role of their website and social presence

The Challenge

Wesley Mission needed to strategically understand the role of the website and social media platforms in their overall business plan.

Their digital presence needed to consider the diversity of the business units under the Wesley Mission umbrella; each business unit had its own objectives, wants and needs.

At the core of Wesley Mission’s requirements was a vision for the website that would integrate the brand and business vision and deliver a creative, technology platform that would support the business in the future.

Key Insights

Wesley Mission needed to establish an actively involved community and movement through multiple digital channels and engagement points.

They had limited brand awareness, and were overshadowed by their competitors, specifically the Salvation Army. Additionally, there were various, conflicting Australian perceptions of the Wesley Mission, ranging from a church to just a charity.

Strategy & Solution

To develop the strategic digital vision for Wesley Mission, Permission implemented our proprietary Digital BluePrint process.

This included three phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery: Prior to making any recommendation we needed to understand the current state of play. To achieve this we audited and assessed Wesley Missions current business plans, marketing activity, results and lessons.

Phase 2 – Internal Management Workshop: The workshop focused on aligning the digital vision and the approach to building a new website. This strategic planning workshop formed the framework for the website and social development plan.

Phase 3 – BluePrint Framework Report: The output of the BluePrint process was a Digital and Website BluePrint Framework Report that detailed the direction to be pursued for Wesley Mission to have a smarter, more impactful and engaging digital strategy and website.

The Results

At the conclusion of the Digital BluePrint, Wesley Mission had established a clear digital vision for the business. This vision was aligned with Wesley Mission’s strategic plan and with the individual group businesses objectives. The BluePrint also provided a framework, wireframe, creative brief and roadmap for developing a more engaging, effective website and better use of their social media platforms.