Email Marketing

Sony takes email marketing to the next level through customer segmentation and personalised messaging

The Challenge

  • Previous email platform was slow and cumbersome to use
  • Segmentation was difficult to achieve
  • The process of building and setting up emails was inefficient and time consuming

Key Insights

To better their email production processes, output and results, Sony needed to implement a robust yet simple and cost-effective email marketing solution.


Using the SmartFocus email platform, Sony could improve their email production processes and concentrate their email marketing efforts on improving segmentation and messaging.


SmartFocus’ sophisticated toolset meant Sony were able to able to easily isolate various customer groups and send them personalised, relevant campaigns.

The platform’s intuitive user interface allowed them to produce campaigns more efficiently, and in doing so respond rapidly to market conditions, without engaging additional internal resources.

Sony were able to take advantage of SmartFocus’ multivariate testing feature to tweak their message content and further increase open rates and click throughs.

The reporting feature in SmartFocus also helped them assign ROI to each email campaign and track results more easily.

The Results

  • Significant increase in open rates from an average of 30% to 47%, reaching as high as 92%
  • Significant increase in average click through rate from 12% to 18%
  • Uplift in website traffic and sales
  • Increased database segmentation with highly targeted messaging
  • Faster, more predictable email turnaround time (previously 2-3 days this has now reduced to 1 day, if template driven)