Content BluePrint

Selleys achieves stronger multi-channel engagement by delivering a Content Marketing BluePrint built around tasks to be completed rather than simple product capabilities

The Challenge

The Selleys “Do it yourself” (DIY) Club had grown to a considerable size however engagement rates across email and social media were less than optimal. A recent revamp of the website presented a need to review the engagement strategy with a view to:

  • Increasing web traffic
  • Growing the database through improved Facebook engagement
  • Increasing loyalty through stronger product understanding and
  • Increasing product purchase by encouraging customers to “give DIY a go”.

However, engaging customers on an ongoing basis is quite a challenge in the DIY space as products are often only used on an adhoc basis.

Selleys needed to develop a strong content plan matched with compelling copywriting for its monthly eDM and Facebook posts, that would achieve better cut through and engagement with DIY Club members.

Key Insights

Whilst the Selleys customer was interested in the product they were using, they were more engaged and responsive to information on the actual task they were performing and outcome they were trying to achieve.


As a brand whose products need to be marketed to both the everyday DIYer and professional tradies, developing relevant content to keep both of these target markets engaged year round was critical.

To achieve this, Permission defined a Content BluePrint that primarily focused on the task to be completed followed by the product used to complete the task. Identifying event and seasonal hooks allowed an annual content calendar to be built around monthly themes, with DIY tasks and products allocated to each month.

These themes and associated content were reviewed each quarter to ensure relevancy, and were refined as required.


Permission applied the BluePrint framework beginning with key stakeholder interviews to ensure that the right internal knowledge was incorporated into the content plan. Strategy documents and other relevant material were reviewed to ensure that the plan fitted into the wider digital strategy of the brand.

Once a content plan was defined for both email and social media, several copywriters were tested until the correct tone of voice and branding was defined.

Responsive image

The Results

The Selleys Content BluePrint delivered a fresh approach to customer engagement that complimented the new content in the website and puts the consumer’s task and experience ahead of the immediate product offering.

Email and Social media campaigns deployed within the new content framework achieved higher open and click through rates, user comments and forwards.

With the new content BluePrint in place, the effort and time required to devise and produce content has been significantly reduced.